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In a large company?

To companies and organization from 50 employees and up we offer an attractive discount. Average price per user drops as the number of users increases.



Brand your ManageMeet

– Have your own URL eg.
– Branding by setting default company theme and logo for all your employees.
– Set up your own meeting agendas for your company to use.
– Possibility of special customizations to meet your needs.


Prices starts at $300 (1 500 SEK)/month.



Run your own version of ManageMeet behind your firewall. Why not integrate ManageMeet with your Intranet? We offer a complete set of services to get your organization up and running.


Contact to discuss solutions and to get a special offer for your company.


Coupon Code

MangeMeet uses Coupons. If you received a┬áCoupon Code – just enter the Coupon Code on your “My Subscription” page and get the discount right away! You get a Coupon Code when your company has an ManageMeet Company Account or when you received a special offer.



We offer payment by invoicing to companies and organizations. The Customer will be invoiced a monthly fee in arrears. Payment is due 20 days after invoice date. Alternative payment methods will be offered in the future.

Attached to your monthly invoice you will find a list of users from your company.